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At Health Informatics Africa, we can connect you to the right target audience within our network to help you meet your strategic advertising goals on the African continent. You have the unique opportunity to reach our diverse, yet, niche audience of both private and public development, emergency, humanitarian, sustainability and other professionals in the health sector.

How we advertise

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Digital Advertising

As the media platform for the health community in Africa, Health Informatics Africa is the go-to resource for news, funding and job opportunities for millions of professionals. Health Informatics Africa offers graphical and text-based advertising throughout our platform, including the Home Page, News Page, Expert View page and Health Services Directories page, so you can communicate impactfully about your programs, services or initiatives. There is also the highlight section on each page which you can take advantage of, seeing the high monthly traffic to our platform.


Newsletter Advertising

Over 5k health professionals and enthusiasts subscribe to our newsletters to stay in the know about the latest headlines, jobs, trends and business opportunities. Reach the right segment of our audience for you through email-based sponsored announcements, graphical banner ads and featured placements across our once daily newsletters and five weekly newsletters.


Special Edition Coverage

Position your brand and your message in front of our most engaged audiences at key moments throughout the year. Health Informatics Africa is the only health news and media organization dedicated to covering major events on the continent through the lens of sustainable development, global health, humanitarian assistance and health technology. We produce special edition coverage providing a premium advertising opportunity for an exclusive partner on a dedicated landing page and through special edition newsletters.

Targeted E-blasts

Targeted E-blasts

Choose your target audience and deliver your message directly to their inbox. You can tap into a fully customized audience narrowed down by relevant keywords on Health Informatics member profiles, country location, job title, education level and/or previous employers or interests.

Sponsored Social Media

Sponsored Social Media

Connect to our broader audience of followers and influencers through Paid Posts, Twitter Chats, Video clips or podcast. Whether you are interested in direct promotion or want to focus on social engagement, adding a social media component to your advertising campaign is a must.

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