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Borno NARD President Hail Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

President of the Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Borno state Chapter Dr Abubakar Kaka-Sanda has lauded the announcement of malaria vaccine breakthrough by World Health Organisation (WHO), which he described as a welcome development.

Kaka-Sanda in an interview in Maiduguri on Thursday said the vaccine against malaria known as a killer disease with high mortality, particularly among children in Africa is something worth celebrating.

He, therefore, urged states and Federal Government to start early mobilisation of the public on the vaccine to address the issue of vaccine phobia.

He said “government needs to start early public enlightenment on the vaccine so that whenever it is available, there will be no issue of phobia.”

He also reacted to the just suspended NARD strike, saying “doctors are all back and attending to patients in hospitals.

“Our members are at their respective duty posts offering the best we can. We are so excited about the Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough” NAN

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