FCT Water Board asks for over N4M to provide water for community

Representative of the Esu Mabushi, James Kusase has lamented the high cost of water in the community, stating that it is further worsening the financial burden of members of the community.

While speaking to our correspondent, Kusase explained that a 20-litres keg of water currently goes for about one hundred naira, describing it as too exorbitant for residents in settlement with the city center.

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He also revealed that the community has approached the Federal Capital Territory – FCT Water Board for support the community efforts, but they were charged over four million naira of which the community has been able to give about 500 thousand naira to the water board, without any results to show.

“Last week we bought a gallon of water for 100 naira. And I said, I am in Abuja FCT, in the town, buying water one gallon one hundred naira? I felt bad. We are crying to the government to come to the aid of Mabushi community by providing us with affordable, accessible, healthy water.

“We had approached the water board people and they charged us about four point something million, but we were able to pay only five hundred thousand. We have also made efforts as a community but it is not solving the challenge. Four the past four months, the water system we put in place can only supply water to those at the lower part of the community, while those of us up here have not been seeing water.”

According to Kusase, efforts have also been made to reach out to the senator representing the FCT, Philip Aduda, House of Representative member and the leadership of the Area Council but only promises have been made without backing them up with action.

He recalled that a contestant for the post of councilor had at a campaign visit during the last election, surprisingly informed them that a 17-million-naira water contract had been awarded long ago to address the water situation in Mabushi community.

“We have been crying with our big men, go to Senator Philip Aduda, he said he may help but until now we have not seen anything. We cried to the house of Reps, he said that there is no way. Until now they are just silent like that.

“There was a day that politicians came for campaign during the last election, one honourable Kushika a councilor said they have awarded a contract for water supply in Mabushi community to the tune of 17 million. We shouted and said we have not seen anything o, that if they should find the person who was given the contract they should not give him any money o because we have not seen anyone come around here to execute any water project. We are suffering from water here, we are suffering from water very very much,” he said.

Meanwhile a resident of Mabushi, Godwin Haruna lamented about the unhealthy conditions in the community. With shallow gutters crisscrossing compounds and door mouths, smelling of filth and dirt.

Haruna said the community is crowded, providing a beautiful breeding ground for malaria infestation and other diseases, even communicable ones.

He worries that much is not being done to make the community healthier and more habitable for humans, suitable for humans in the 21st Century.

“The problem is that we have too much people, our houses have no spaces and the area is generally not planned. We have the problem of diseases and we need all the support to create more community enlightenment.

“Water is a big deal here. We buy expensively, as high as 100 naira a keg sometimes. Being so high cost, it creates caution in the usage. When you are careful using water because it is expensive, you would realise that more dirt is kept in the home. It is indeed difficult.”

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