Global Hand washing Day, hands and water that flows from the tap. Hand washing

Federal Ministry of Environment Encourages Continuous Hygiene in Place of Celebrated Hygiene.

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to commemorate the 2021 Global Handwashing Day, the Permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Engr. Hassan Musa is urging Nigerians to make daily hygiene a habit instead of the ones usually left for a special day.

Speaking during the global hand washing day in Abuja Engr. Musa urged people to not only seek to raise awareness but also to provide a platform for sustainability actions at global regional and national level on acceptable hand washing practices.

He added that this year’s global hand washing day is in recognition of the influence and role of children as agents of sustainability change in the society.

Furthermore he said the aim of the United Nations who has dedicated October 15 of every year as global hand washing day is to increase global awareness and understanding about the importance of how hand washing with soap under running water is one of the effective and affordable way to reduce the spread of pathogens, prevent infections diseases such as covid 19, cholera amongst all and save life’s.

The theme of this year global hand washing day commemoration day is” our future is at hand- let’s move forward.

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