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Nigeria Currently Has Less than 300 trained Radiologists – says President of Radiologists, Prof. Saidu

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The President of the Association of Radiologists in Nigeria, (ARIN) Prof. Sule Saidu says Nigeria may currently have less 300 trained Radiologists far below the number required to support the health needs of Nigerians, and most of them domiciled in urban centres.

Speaking in Abuja, at a media briefing which formed part of the activities to mark the 4th annual general meeting and scientific conference of ARIN, Prof. Saidu explained that the low manpower of Radiologists in the country is further worsened by the massive brain drain being experienced in the medical sector.

The newly elected President of the Association called on government to sustain the provision of required equipment for effective training of Radiologists, in Nigeria to strengthen the manpower base of radiologists.

He noted that radiation medicine must be taken seriously as it is key in the health sector, especially in the management of cancer which is becoming predominant among Nigerians in recent times.

“As at the last count, we were a little more than 300 but as you are aware, a lot of Nigerian specialists have traveled out of the country for greener pastures, and radiologists are also affected.

“We want to urge government to try to provide the necessary equipment that will sustain our training and also ensure that we keep our best manpower.

“In terms of meeting the required manpower of radiologists in Nigeria, we are definitely not near enough at all. Not even America and most advanced countries that boast in that sense. Most of the trained radiologists are actually in the urban centres and I think government needs to begin to think of the provision of high equipment such as MRIs and Scanners along senatorial districts, as this will extend services to the reach of more Nigerians.”

Prof. Saidu pledged the commitment of ARIN to working with other professionals in the health sector to engender harmonious working relationships for the overall good of health outcomes for Nigerians.

He further said the body of Radiologists will partner with the NMA and other stakeholders to avert occasions that could result in incessant, prolonged strike actions.

“We are not devoid of our challenges but of course you know that those challenges and problems can only be confronted and tackled if we have harmony in the health sector. So we intend to work with our colleagues in other fields of specialization in medicine, but also with other health professionals that we engage in day and night in our profession.

“Therefore, we are banking on industrial harmony with radiographers, nurses, technicians and other health workers. We also are interested in ensuring that services that relate to radiology are sustained and unhindered.”

Speaking on some resolutions reached by the Association, Prof Saidu revealed that the Association is embarking on an exercise across the country to gather data on available radiological modalities across the country so that Nigerians can be informed of what facilities are available and the location where such services can be accessed.END

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