The president of Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba urges employers to... compulsory vaccination

NLC Backs Compulsory Vaccination of Workers

The president of Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba has charged workers all over the world to take advantage of covid-19 vaccines and keep themselves, their families and their colleagues at work safe from the threat of Corona Virus pandemic.

Ayuba Wabba gave this charge while addressing the journalists on Federal Government Covid-19 vaccination advisory for Federal Civil Servants in Abuja, Monday.

He said the outbreaks of covid-19 had affected the global workforce before the breakthrough discovery of vaccines which has helped contained the spread and drastically reduced the death rate caused by covid-19 pandemic.

He stressed that studies has shown the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccines through the decline of hospital visitations around the world.

He therefore, urged government and other employers of labour to make special arrangement for workers to access the vaccines at the workplace

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