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NTCA Decry Lack of Funding in Tobacco Control

The Project Officer of Nigerian Tobacco Control Alliance, Nwokorie Chibuike has reminded the federal government that operationalising the tobacco control fund will assist in tobacco control programming in Nigeria.

Nwokorie Chibuike made this known at a briefing on Tuesday in Abuja, he noted that dearth of funding was hampering tobacco control efforts in the country.

He emphasised the need for sustainable funding for tobacco control in Nigeria, while decrying the absence of budgetary allocation to tobacco control in the 2021 budget.

The Alliance​  revealed  that, what is ongoing currently  in the country profer  government the  best opportunities  to invest more in tobacco control , adding  that efforts are further geared in ensuring taxes leveled​ on tobacco products in form of excise duties and VAT have greater influence on channeling tobacco control funds in Nigeria.

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