Dangers of drug abuse

Patent Medicine Dealers Calls for More Sensitisation of Youths Against the Dangers of Drug Abuse

The Nigerian Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers (NAPPMED), has called for the continuous sensitisation of youths on the dangers of drug abuse and the risks it poses to their health

The National Ambassador of the association, Vincent Mamah who made the call in an interview in Abuja, said tackling drug abuse among youths through sensitisation would go a long way toward reducing crime in the society.

He said sensitising youths to the dangers of drug abuse would be NAPPMED’s way of complementing Federal Government’s efforts at nurturing vibrant young people for the future.

According to him, the sensitisation will address a lot of misconceptions about the patent medicine sub-sector of the healthcare industry.

He said the fact that patent medicine stores could be easily accessed should not make the public to assume that all sorts of drugs could be sold there.

He spoke on how the association checks quackery in patent medicine practice, noting that they have a regulatory mechanism for checking professionalism of members and ensure they adhere strictly to principles guiding patent medicine operations as prescribed by law.

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