nigeria to receive covax vaccines

Why Nigeria Should Get 3.92M Doses of Astrazeneca vaccine

As the world continues to tackle the COVID 19 Pandemic, Nigeria is not left behind as the National Primary Health Care Development Agency says the country will get 3.92 million doses of Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccines at the end of August.

The Executive Director of the agency, Faisal Shuaib at a press conference says Nigeria will receive additional information on the exact dates in August, and will provide an update to Nigerians shortly. He advised that Nigerians who have received their first dose at least six weeks ago should visit the nearest vaccination site to receive the second dose, for full protection against COVID-19, on or before 25th June.

Shuaib says anyone who is 18 years and above who has not been vaccinated should visit the nearest vaccination site for the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

WHO’s Kazadi Mulombo on his part advised that Nigerians should be careful of the looming 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many African lives are at risk. He said taking preventive measures will prevent the spread of COVID-19 while adding that Nigerians should expect another round of COVAX vaccine.

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